Q: Who are your Foundation Functional Fitness Classes for?

Our classes are for people of all training backgrounds, all abilities, and all ages. Our coaches are trained to assess the level each of individual and provide them with the appropriate changes to movements and workouts so that the intended stimulus remains the same for everyone.

Q: What if I am completely new and unexperienced with this type of working out?

We completely understand the intimidation of starting a new class that has unfamiliar movements, and we want to make the transition as easy as possible. For Foundation Strong we encourage everyone to try our "First Class is Free" to get a feel for the class environment. If you would like to continue attending Foundation Strong classes we will then have you take our Fundamentals class on Saturdays, where you will have the opportunity to learn the technical movements that will be used. After a few fundamentals class you will be more confident in your abilities and do awesome things with the rest of the class.

Q: What are the benefits of Foundation Academy's Programs?

The goal of our training programs is to improve and teach total body health through general physical preparedness improving your function and building health in your life. Meaning that the individual is ready for any physical activity that is required of them. We like to promote a positive goal setting environment where the focus of exercise is improving functional movement and creating a foundation to continually improve upon. Our training focus is to improve your physical health, a bonus is improvement in aesthetics ;)

Q: What are the benefits of classes and coaches?

All workouts for all our programs are planned out and coaches are there to guide you through every step of the way. This means all you have to do is show up and you will be helped through the rest of your hour. Whether you are getting up early in the morning or going in after a long day at work, sometimes finding the motivation to go to class can be hard. Being in a class surrounded by other like-minded people can provide that push you need to get through your workout for the day.

Q: Do you have Open Gym time?

Yes. Open gym is available 5:00am-8:00pm. If you choose to do Open gym during a class time, class will have priority over equipment.

Q: Do you have showers?


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